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AMP Clean Energy provide fully funded low carbon energy centres for large energy users

We believe that by funding on-site energy generation projects we can help your business cut energy costs, cut carbon emissions, and enhance your energy resilience. Our approach removes the requirement for businesses to invest their own capital ensuring that projects get off the ground quickly with no financial risk to you.

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Capitalising from Clean Energy

On site energy centres can provide long-term cost and carbon savings, sheltering large energy users from rising energy costs and boosting sustainability through low carbon generation. Industrial sites and commercial property infrastructure are playing an increasing role in the decentralised energy system but technology is rapidly evolving, and no one solution suits all users.

Businesses face a myriad of choices, from on-site heat and power generation and waste heat recovery to peaking plant to provide export services. In this webinar, Stuart Reid and Mark Tarry from AMP Clean Energy explain how businesses can still benefit from the transition to decentralised energy, despite a changing subsidy environment.

30% saving

on energy with a gas CHP energy centre

100% usable

steam with our biomass steam & power energy centre

£25 million

in lifetime savings for large industrials

120 ESCO Projects

live and operating

Why work with AMP Clean Energy?

There are two main ways in which we can work with you to cut costs and cut carbon:

Our in-house expert team will work with you to assess which of our market-leading technology solutions will best deliver cost-effective decarbonisation on your site. Designed for intensive heat and electricity users, our solutions provide optimal long-term cost and carbon savings, supporting both cost efficiency and your sustainability agenda.

If you (or your client) have an existing project under development that delivers carbon savings, but which cannot be financed internally, then we can deliver this using our long term institutional investor funding.

If the project has a positive carbon impact and meets our investment criteria than we will be able to undertake technical diligence and act as your funding partner.

Our ESCO Model

We can fully fund, design, build and operate a new energy centre through a long-term energy supply agreement which is also known as an Energy Supply Contract (ESCO).

AMP Clean Energy has an established track record of setting up and operating ESCO's to fund low carbon and renewable installations. The AMP Clean Energy low carbon fund is readily available to distribute funds for projects, allowing for quicker deployment. ESCO's typically operate for a 10 to 20-year period during which the customer simply pays for the heat or electricity they use through a secure energy supply agreement.

About AMP

Low cost, low carbon industrial energy solutions

AMP Clean Energy is committed to finding energy solutions to help decarbonise UK industry and help support the clean growth agenda. Our fully funded low carbon and renewable energy centres enable industrial organisations to enjoy low cost heat and power with no upfront capital outlay or financial risk.

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