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The Net Zero Imperative

Carbon reduction is now a business priority with sustainability ranking as a critical component in business planning and risk management. Achieving net zero is no longer an environmental imperative but a business one too.

For many businesses reducing scope one emissions, predominantly from heat, is a key challenge. We specialise in helping businesses to find the best solution to meet that challenge effectively.
Decarbonising heat is key to achieving Net Zero with heat consisting of more than half of all energy usage and representing the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK. We understand that heat decarbonisation is far more challenging than tackling electricity: it requires local, often onsite, bespoke solutions which are driven by the individual demands of a site.

“The dialogue has shifted from viewing climate change as a risk, to seeing the opportunity, and really translating that into a single objective, which is to move our economies to net zero as quickly as possible.”

— Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance

The 3 steps to meeting your Net Zero goals:

1. We assess and analyse your energy needs and usage

We’ll work with you to build up a full picture of your energy consumption by type and value, along with your energy needs and opportunities.

2. We recommend a bespoke solution tailored to your organisation and operations

Based on your energy profile our experts will propose the right technology solution for you and carry out a technical feasibility study to ensure the installation will work on your site.

3. We finance, develop, build and operate the low carbon facility

We’ll put the funding in place to develop, install and operate your on-site energy project, taking complete responsibility from start to finish, along with long-term management and monitoring. We have significant experience in a wide range of low carbon technologies such as biomass, solar, heat pumps, heat recovery and more. We will always work with you to find the right fit for your organisation. We typically take ownership of the asset, meaning we are responsible for its performance, maintenance and management risk.

“Our partnership with AMP Clean Energy and will significantly reduce the site’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

— Justin Williams, Croda Hull Site Director

Case Study


Project overview: Biomass project set to significantly reduce carbon emissions from Croda’s Hull manufacturing site.

The solution: 11MW biomass energy centre which will supply steam requirements for the whole site

Carbon savings: reduction in carbon emissions at the Hull site by up to two thirds. The project will also help Croda meet wider Net Zero goals.

The biomass centre makes Bunnahabhain Islay’s first distillery with a Net Zero distillation process, and we’re extremely proud, not only of the scale of the project but the entirely locally sourced fuelling system, which supports the island’s forests and economy.”

—  Julian Patton, International Supply Chain Director at the Distell Group, owner of Bunnahabhain Distillery

Case Study


Project overview: Biomass energy centre set to make the distillation a net zero emission process.

The solution: Biomass energy centre powered entirely by locally sourced forest residue and draff, a by-product of distillation.

Carbon savings: 3,500 tonnes of carbon saved per year.

“The fact that AMP Clean Energy funded the installation, including all the pipework required for the district heating, was a significant financial benefit to us.”

— Catriona Thompson, Bursar at Kingham Hill School

Case Study

Kingham School

Project overview: Fully funded biomass heat installation and district heating scheme to provide a stress-free sustainable heat solution.  

The solution: The biomass facility, which replaced 13 oil boilers, provides low carbon heat and hot water to the school buildings, boarding houses and sports facilities.

Carbon savings: 200 tonnes per year.

Working collaboratively with specialists AMP Clean Energy means we will confidently hit our ambitious decarbonisation targets and continue to deliver on our mantra of ‘Practical Sustainability.”

— Mark Tyldesley, Group Managing Director at Muntons

Case Study


Project overview: An on-site energy centre at Muntons’ Stowmarket facility to meet the site’s significant steam, heat and electricity requirements.

The solution: A biomass heat installation and a Gas CHP system with waste heat recovery which interfaces with the site’s manufacturing processes.

Carbon savings: It will decarbonise 100,000,000 kWh of heat load each year and help Muntons meets its Science Based Targets.

Capex invested: £16.5 million

“Without the funding from AMP Clean Energy we simply couldn’t have got this project off the ground. In addition to benefiting from free heat, we can now re-use our waste wood, which would have otherwise cost the business to dispose of.”

— Stefan Tobolik, Operations Manager at Nuneaton Roof Truss

Case Study

Nuneaton Roof Truss

Project overview: Biomass heat installation to help convert waste wood to heat the business’ factory and offices, creating a circular economy.

The solution: Waste wood is turned into wood chip through a fully funded 480Kw biomass heat installation.

Carbon savings: Excess waste wood is used by AMP Clean Energy to fuel a nearby biomass heat project. The project prevents 1,700 tonnes of waste wood from going to landfill each year. 

“With AMP Clean Energy owning and managing the biomass system, we can leave its operation in their expert hands while we concentrate on creating the best growing conditions.”

— Anne Anderson, Head of Sustainability & Development at Scottish Sea Farms

Case Study

Scottish Sea Farms

Project overview: Biomass heat installation to support sustainable food production at Scottish Sea Farm’s Barcaldine Hatchery.

The solution: 600kW on-site biomass heat installation provides all heat and hot water to the 17,500 sqm facility.

Carbon savings: 683 tonnes of carbon a year compared with using oil. That’s the equivalent of driving six million road miles per year.

“The cost and carbon reductions speak for themselves, and it means we can continue to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels at our sites, as well as reduce emissions throughout the wider supply chain.”

— Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer at Sunseeker

Case Study


Project overview: Biomass heat installations to convert waste timber into a sustainable, low carbon heat source at two Sunseeker sites.

The solution: 500kW biomass boiler at the Technology Centre in Mannings Heath, Poole, and a 1MW biomass boiler and ancillary equipment at Osprey Quay in Portland. Both biomass facilities process waste wood from boat building operations on both sites to deliver on-site hot water and heating.

Carbon savings: 1,200 tonnes per year.

“AMP Clean Energy is a great partner for us. Knowing that our product line is produced using clean, low carbon energy gives confidence to our customers and the end-user consumer.”

— Villa Nursery co-owner, Felice Gibilaro

Case Study

Villa Nursery

Project overview: On-site energy centre to support the growth of two million kilos of tomatoes each year under glass, supplied to major UK supermarkets.

The solution: 1.65MW steam-generating biomass CHP plant, 5MW biomass boilers and a 3MW reserve gas peaking engine to provide 100% of the nursery’s energy needs.

Carbon savings: 4,000 tonnes per year.

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Why choose AMP Clean Energy for your Net Zero project?

AMP Clean Energy is a distributed energy business focussed on net zero solutions to decarbonise heat and grid solutions which enable the growth of renewables. With 160 projects typically invest between £100k to £25million per project, and we have been helping organisations to become more sustainable since 2009.

We understand that every project is unique and will create bespoke solutions to meet your decarbonisation goals. Owned by Asterion Industrial Partners, we can access readily available finance to get your project off the ground quickly and effectively, with zero capex.

We can fully fund, design, build and manage your clean energy facility meaning from start to finish, and beyond, our expert team is there for you every step of the way.

Achieve Net Zero with Zero Capex and Zero Risk

Finance is no longer an obstacle with our fully funded risk-free customer net zero solutions.

  • No upfront costs
  • Derisk energy costs over the long term
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Predictably priced, low carbon energy
  • We take full responsibility for the assets performance, maintenance and management.

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Head of Customer Solutions

Stuart’s expertise lies in scoping feasibility of projects and delivering cost effective solutions which meet an organisation’s carbon reduction goals. He has considerable knowledge of the government and regulatory landscape.

Mark Tarry

Chief Executive Officer

Mark heads up the team focused on developing and delivering flexible generation projects which help enable the growth of renewables. He has considerable experience of the design and development of low carbon energy installations and structuring AMP Clean Energy finance for such projects.