December 2020

AMP Clean Energy, the specialist distributor of low carbon heat and power solutions, including biomass heat installations and wood fuel, solar PV and flexible energy plants provides the following update on its Brexit preparations.

AMP Clean Energy does not anticipate that Brexit will have a significant impact on our business operation and specifically on the importing function of the business, which is focused on the imports of fuel from EU and non-EU sources as well as parts and engines for our low carbon energy centres.

AMP Clean Energy has been working hard throughout the year to do all we can to mitigate any potential risks that might present to the business in the wake of Brexit on 01 January 2020. The UK currently remains in the “transitional period” up until 31 December 2020 and whilst it is hoped a trade agreement will be reached between the UK and EU, AMP Clean Energy’s primary objective has been to ensure the effective and smooth continuation of the business for all stakeholders, regardless of the outcome of these trade negotiations.

We have spent considerable time considering the potential impacts to the business from the changes to customs borders, tariffs, VAT reporting, exchange rate volatility and administrative capacity.  The ways in which AMP Clean Energy is ensuring that post-Brexit there is no disruption to customers, fuel supply and ongoing building works for our low carbon energy centres include:

  • Appointment of a customs agent to ensure that imports are dealt with in a timely manner in compliance with new regulations.
  • Registration of all relevant group companies with Economic Operators Registration and Identification numbers (EORI) numbers
  • Ensuring warehouses, which are strategically positioned across the UK, have a good level of fuel and parts stock for the winter months ahead.
  • Continuing our policy of effective hedging by buying a proportion of our imports in Euros in order to shield our end customer from any potential sharp price increases caused by foreign exchange fluctuations.

AMP Clean Energy is continuing to monitor the Brexit situation closely to assess any potential impacts to the business and to our stakeholders and will respond quickly to any changes in the current situation to ensure no business interruption.

If you have any specific queries on our Brexit preparation or how any of this may affect you, please get in touch via: or your AMP Clean Energy direct contact.

Richard Burrell
Chief Executive Officer

14 December 2020