Forest Fuels, now AMP Clean Energy, scoops prestigious renewable energy award

15th June 2018

Forest Fuels, who have rebranded to AMP Clean Energy, has won the Company category in the British Renewable Energy Awards 2018 for the company that’s done the most in the past year to advance UK renewables.

Forest Fuels, owned by AMP, was singled out after the business enjoyed its most successful year in its 12-year history. The company has continued to play a key role in the consolidation of the biomass market and in boosting innovative schemes such as boiler buybacks, funding and installing boilers through energy supply agreements and providing fuel usage monitoring system for customers.

During 2017/2018, the business has acquired other operators and branched into Scotland, making Forest Fuels the market leading biomass fuels supplier in the UK.

Forest Fuels MD Roger Pearson with REA chief exec, Nina Skorupska and Channel 4’s, Cathy Newman

We’re absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious company award. It really has been a busy and exciting year for us, and through working together, the team has achieved some brilliant results. We will continue to strive to grow and improve our business, with a particular focus on customer service and their experience as we move towards the next winter heating season.

— Roger Pearson, Managing Director of Forest Fuels

Forest Fuels has revolutionised the traditional wood-fuel distribution model by providing customers with a comprehensive and reliable package that enables them to simply ‘buy heat’, while Forest Fuels takes care of every detail – from monitoring fuel levels and organising automatic deliveries to servicing and maintaining boilers to ensure they are in top working order – and even owning the boiler if the customer wants.

Throughout the busiest year in its history and a long, cold winter, the business has continued to grow the portfolio of biomass boilers it owns, operates and maintains. Against a backdrop national and international pellet shortages, staff worked extra hours fulfilling all orders with all contract customers delivered to as normal. During 2017/18 Forest Fuels supplied more than ¾ billion kWh of renewable heat energy and procured and arranged more than £50 million to be payed into biomass energy service agreements and boiler buyback schemes.

The growth of Forest Fuels has seen the business start in one location in 2006 to having 40 depots across the UK today. Sustainability has been at the heart of the growth of the business which was recognised when Forest Fuels was the only UK renewable energy company in the London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 companies to Inspire Britain.