Forest Fuels, now AMP Clean Energy, takes top honour at national Green Energy Awards

29th November 2017

Award for high-quality work, service and innovation rounds off the most successful year in Forest Fuels’ history

Forest Fuels, who rebranded to AMP Clean Energy, took a top accolade at last night’s national Green Energy Awards, bringing home the coveted sustainable energy Installer of the Year Award.

Presented to Forest Fuels’ then Finance Director Martin Keattch by Lord Robin Teverson and host Joe Sellman-Leava, the award recognises ‘high-quality work, an exemplary level of customer service, and the delivery of innovative solutions to address the rapid changes in the market.’

“This is a proud moment for Forest Fuels and a fitting reward for the effort and dedication that our staff have put in over the past 12 months,” said then managing director Peter Solly. “Despite its title, the Installer of the Year Award is about much more than just installations, as it recognizes all sustainable energy installers and suppliers. We’re honoured to represent those companies in the sustainable energy industry that deliver numerous high-quality services throughout the supply chain.”

Green Energy Awards recognise an exceptional 12 months

The Green Energy Award acknowledges an exceptional 12 months in Forest Fuels’ history, which has seen the company recording exceptional growth, the development of a successful wood fuel delivery model throughout the whole of the UK, as well as a focus on providing high-quality ESCOs, boiler buybacks and consultancy services.

First-rate local wood fuel delivery service throughout the UK

“First-rate local service is critical to how we operate,” added Peter, “and we’re very proud of the fact that – through each period of our growth – Forest Fuels has continued to invest in local depots and infrastructure throughout the country.”

Forest Fuels’ operations started just 11 years ago at a single location on a farm in Devon.  Now, with more than 40 depots across the UK and a turnover of more than £20 million per annum, the biomass wood fuel distribution firm has been successful in developing an environmental business that can compete alongside fossil-fuel suppliers.

Last night’s dazzling Green Energy Awards ceremony took place at the historic Bath Assembly Rooms. Now in their 14th year, the awards bring together the most well-respected companies and individuals in the UK to celebrate the initiatives that are driving forward the sustainable energy revolution.

Awards’ judges were particularly impressed by the range of outstanding initiatives that Forest Fuels carries out, including acquiring other regional operators, providing in-depth training for staff, delivering industry-leading projects, and fundraising for local community organisations.

Surpassing the service that traditional energy suppliers provide

Peter added: “Over the past twelve months Forest Fuels has taken huge strides forward, rolling out our successful model nationally and deliberately building a business that doesn’t have to rely on subsidies or be affected by policy changes. We’ve continued our mission to ensure that the biomass industry can match and even surpasses the service that traditional energy suppliers provide, proving that heating your home or business using biomass can now be simple, professional and fully-automated.”