AMP Clean Energy’s new state-of-the-art wood pellet delivery trucks are hitting the road this week as part of wider plans to improve customer delivery experience.

AMP Clean Energy has invested more than £1 million in a fleet of new more efficient vehicles this winter heating season, including large 8 wheelers which can carry up to 18 tonnes and blow pellets directly into the fuel store.

The first of nine new wood pellet blower lorries was received by AMP Clean Energy Chief Executive Richard Burrell at the Southern Depot at Hermitage.

The new trucks are part of a suite of improvements being implemented to enhance customer ordering and delivery experience. This includes a new 0800 number for all orders, route optimisation software to make deliveries as efficient as possible, and electronic proof of delivery.

Tony Vick, Logistics Director at AMP Clean Energy, said: “These new top-of-the-range delivery trucks will enable us to improve our customer delivery service this winter. The vehicles are part of what we call the ‘200 club’ as they will deliver 200 tonnes of wood pellet a week in the peak of the winter heating season.”

AMP Clean Energy’s fuel business also has a range of other vehicles which can either blow or tip into fuel stores. Additionally, we have smaller tanker vehicles that can get into much smaller spaces yet still offer the benefits a blown delivery directly into your fuel store.