West Buckland School

Low carbon green technology delivers carbon savings

Key Facts


tonnes of carbon savings per year

Low Carbon

complete heating solution


tonnes of carbon saved over it’s lifetime


energy solution

  • Commercial Decarbonisation

Fully funded renewable heat

West Buckland School is reaping the benefits of stress free, low carbon heat, thanks to a partnership with AMP. The independent school has its entire heating needs taken care of, whilst boosting its sustainability goals through renewable biomass heat. 

The Vision

West Buckland School was looking for a funding partner to finance and provide expert guidance on its sustainability ambitions. The North Devon school wanted a smart solution to create a sustainable heating source. With a mix of 16 biomass and oil boilers across four plant rooms the school was looking for a complete low carbon heating solution. 

The Solution

Through an AMP boiler buyback deal, the business took over the complete care of the existing biomass boilers and funded the installation of two new boilers, displacing oil. AMP now looks after the entire heating system, including providing expert service and maintenance.

“AMP has provided a complete solution to our heating needs which has met our sustainability goals without the need for any upfront capital. This is a win-win for West Buckland School and our drive to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Mike Newby, Assistant Bursar