Ashford Peaking Plant Renewable Energy

Ashford Power

On demand energy generated in less than two minutes

Key Facts




gas engines


hours operating per year

More than 50,000

homes powered

  • Grid Flexibility & Storage

The development of Ashford Power on the Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Kent will provide 21MW of power which will be sold back to the grid at times of peak demand.

The installation at Ashford is an example of a larger peaking facility. AMP also has a focus on smaller scale 2-4MW peaking plants, known as Urban Reserve projects, which can be easily built in constrained urban areas. These plants also support the intermittency of renewables as well as the growth of new technologies such as electric vehicles.

“The Ashford Peaking Plant is a good example of a renewables-enabling facility, which provides standby energy, at times of peak demand. It is a highly sophisticated plant which can be brought on line incredibly quickly as and when additional energy is needed. We believe natural gas peaking plants will play a growing role in supporting both the increase of renewables and the transition to the UK’s low carbon economy.”

Mark Tarry, CEO, AMP