Our Sustainability Commitment

AMP Clean Energy helps businesses and organisations benefit from low carbon, sustainable energy as the UK transitions to a net zero future. We’re committed to ensuring the products and services we provide, as well as our own operations, are as sustainable as possible.

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Our wood pellet is made from 100% virgin timber
Our biomass customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92%
1.9 million tonnes of wood is harvested for UK energy markets every year

AMP Clean Energy

We provide low carbon and renewable energy solutions, making use of local energy sources to generate and supply heat and power. This includes biomass heat installations which deliver low cost, low carbon heat across a variety of sectors such as healthcare, education, leisure, agriculture and heavy industry.


AMP Clean Energy is the market-leading biomass supplier with around 4000 customers and multiple depots located throughout Great Britain

Biomass – a low carbon energy source

In the UK, of the 11 million tonnes of wood harvested here each year, 1.9 million tonnes go to energy markets. By stimulating an economic market for wood, the bioenergy industry – which biomass is an important part of - incentives landowners to care for their woodlands in a sustainable way.

The Committee on Climate Change says that sustainably harvested and managed biomass is a low carbon energy source which can help the UK meet its climate change targets.

In a sustainably managed forest, a small proportion of that woodland is harvested once a year. This releases carbon which is replaced over time by re-growing new trees. This is called a closed carbon cycle.

Biomass Sustainability at AMP Clean Energy

We put sustainability at the heart of our biomass operations to ensure that the wood pellet and chip we supply meets all environmental standards, whilst helping our customers meet their own sustainability goals.
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Wood Pellet

Our wood pellet, which is made from sustainably sourced forest residues and thinnings, meets stringent sustainability criteria. We’re on the Government’s official Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), which means that our pellets – made from 100% virgin timber – are fully eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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Wood Chip

Our wood chip is locally sourced, seasoned and processed, which helps minimise its environmental impact. All of our chip is accredited by HETAS and is a recognised Woodsure Plus Quality Assured fuel, meeting relevant environmental standards. Our wood chip is also Biomass Supplier List (BSL) accredited timber which is fully eligible for the RHI.

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

AMP Clean Energy places great importance on ensuring that its wood fuel meets the UK’s highest sustainability criteria. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says sustainably produced bioenergy, including biomass, can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

AMP Clean Energy biomass customers make impressive carbon savings by switching to low carbon biomass heat. In fact, our customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92%, and on average by 69%, compared to fossil fuels.

  • When replacing oil, customers using AMP Clean Energy biomass reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, on average, by 87%
  • When replacing gas, customers using AMP Clean Energy biomass reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, on average, by 82%
  • When replacing electric heating, customers using AMP Clean Energy biomass reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, on average, by 69%

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