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Mark Tarry Hydrogen Energy Security Strategy
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How hydrogen has the potential to act as the backbone of the future energy system

The British Energy Security Strategy has raised the country’s ambitions for new domestic energy production across nuclear, renewables and gas production, but arguably the biggest story was the setting of a new 10GW hydrogen production target for 2030. Along with the publication of a new low carbon hydrogen standard, contractual framework, and allocation process, the […]

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Sustainable, low carbon heat solution for green salmon hatchery

683 tonnesof carbon saved per year Zero CAPEXbiomass heat solution Stress-freefully managed heat services Low carbon heat solution supports sustainable food production for Scottish Sea Farms AMP Clean Energy is helping support sustainable food production at Scottish Sea Farms’ innovative Barcaldine hatchery – which supplies smoults (young salmon) to the company’s 42-strong estate of marine […]

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Biomass heat fuels circular economy for the Nuneaton Roof Truss

Sustainable heatsolution using waste wood Fully fundedbiomass energy installation £1000 weeklycost savings Renewable biomass heat system provides long term cost savings AMP Clean Energy has funded and developed an on-site renewable energy installation which will use Nuneaton Roof Truss’ waste wood to heat the businesses’ factory and offices. Excess waste wood is used by AMP […]

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Kingham Hill School unlocks the benefits of renewable heat with no requirement for upfront capital

No upfrontcapital required 20-year protectionfrom volatile fossil fuel prices Hassle freeexpert service and maintenance Fully funded biomass solution provides long term price predictability A biomass boiler installation and district heating scheme has helped improve sustainability and long-term budget planning at Kingham Hill School. AMP Clean Energy’s fully funded biomass energy offer has enabled the school […]

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Luxury wedding venue benefits from low carbon heat over the long term 

No upfrontcapital required 20-year protectionfrom volatile fossil fuel prices Hassle freeexpert service and maintenance Fully funded boiler upgrade scheme  Hackness Wedding & Events is reaping the rewards of a new and improved low carbon heat installation providing reliable, sustainable heat to its hotel guests. The North Yorkshire hotel now benefits from reliable, hassle-free heat over […]

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Low carbon, onsite heating solution helps Champneys Forest Mere meet sustainability goals

641 tonnes of carbon savings per year 20% reductionin heating bills Fully managedheat supply and services Renewable biomass heat drives significant carbon reduction AMP Clean Energy has supported the development and operation of a sustainable on-site renewable energy solution at Champneys Forest Mere. The vision: Sustainability is a top priority for wellness retreat Champneys. The […]

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Bunnahabhain accelerates journey to become first Islay Distillery with a Net Zero Emission Distillation process

New £6.5m Biomass Energy Centre will save 3,500 tonnes of carbon per year. Bunnahabhain is on-track to become Islay’s first distillery to have a Net Zero emission distillation process.  This is following the installation of a biomass energy centre – powered entirely by forest biomass sourced only 15 miles away and spent malt, known as […]

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Sunseeker International’s innovative ‘circular’ biomass project to save over 1000 tonnes of carbon annually

Leading luxury boat manufacturer, Sunseeker International has announced its partnership with AMP Clean Energy, the specialist developer, operator and owner of low-carbon energy projects. This innovative, new biomass initiative will see the global yacht manufacturer use its waste timber arisings as a source of renewable heat. The project will enable Sunseeker – which produces around […]

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