Electricity when and where it's needed most

Our market-leading urban flexible generation plants help support the growth of renewables by providing on-demand energy when wind and solar are not able to produce enough electricity. In doing so, our projects help balance the grid, enabling the transition to a low carbon economy, whilst making sure, whatever the weather, we have the electricity we need close to where we need it.

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About Urban Reserve by AMP

We have an established track record in developing low carbon, decentralised energy assets. To date we have developed more than 150 MW of larger scale flexible generation projects which is enough to power around 60,000 homes for a whole year.

Our focus is now on Urban Reserve, which develops smaller scale generation plants close to urban and commercial demand centres.

As well as supporting the intermittency of renewables, these plants defer network reinforcement costs and support the growth of new technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps by providing on-demand energy in our busiest cities.

We have ambitious plans to develop 40MW - 50MW of such 2-4MW projects with a particular focus in urban areas, close to our major cities.

Are you a Landlord?

AMP Clean Energy is looking for commercial or industrial land to rent in urban areas, close to major cities, to develop new Urban Reserve projects. We will fully fund the development at no risk to the landlord and will pay competitive rents for suitable sites.
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Our Process

How do we develop our urban generation plants? Here's our step by step guide

Step 1

Identifying Land

AMP Clean Energy identifies sites suitable to build, own and operate Urban Reserve plants using a range of technical in-house tools. Working directly with landlords, land agents and institutional landowners, we offer competitive long-term leases. Urban Reserves sites are small, and often pay rents on parcels of land that landlords aren’t generating income from.

Step 2


Urban Reserve projects require a dedicated natural gas and electrical connection. Our in-house specialists work closely with local gas and electricity network operators, entirely at our time and cost, to secure the connections required.

Step 3

Designing the plant

Our in-house development team, working with landlords to get the optimum layout, are responsible for the site's design, including technical specifications, which will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Step 4

Planning approval

Using our in-house specialists, we prepare and submit a planning application for the site entirely at our own cost and risk. Once submitted, we will receive planning permission within three months.

Step 5


We will start construction within six months of planning approval, often sooner. Developing the site, which AMP Clean Energy fully funds, can take 4-6 weeks.

Step 6

Operating the site

Once the site is built, our connections and delivery team take over the operation of the asset. Our sites are fully automated and controlled remotely, ready to deliver energy at very short notice at times of peak demand.

Supporting the UK’s energy transition - Our Urban Reserve and Power Projects

Our Urban Reserve and flexible generation plant projects are helping support the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. Our experience spans developing large power plants to smaller installations, both of which provide on-demand electricity in our busy urban areas at times of peak demand.

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About AMP

At AMP Clean Energy we have an established track record for developing decentralised energy assets which provide electricity when and where it's needed most. Urban Reserve helps support the intermittency of renewables such as wind and solar by providing flexible, on-demand energy generation.

Our urban flexible generation plants also help bolster the development of new technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, which will increase demand on electricity in our growing cities.

AMP Clean Energy has ambitious plans to develop a significant pipeline of smaller urban flexible generation plants which will help support the UK's transition to a low carbon economy.

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