Urban Reserve

Keeping the lights on when it’s not windy or sunny

As the UK works towards its target to reach Net Zero by 2050, the volume of renewable energy generation is rising. As part of the transition to a renewable energy future, our network of Urban Reserve assets provide power when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow.

Providing secure and flexible solutions

Located in towns and cities across the UK and connected at 11kV, our Urban Reserve assets provide electricity on demand in areas where and when electricity is needed most. By balancing the grid at a local level at times of peak demand, we support the distribution networks with flexible capacity and help keep the lights on, no matter what the weather.

Urban Reserve offers the most responsive and reliable means of generating and storing electricity, enabling more renewables to be built without compromising the UK’s security of supply, and avoiding costly grid reinforcement.

Whittle Power – an Urban Reserve asset

HV connected dispatchable generators are key to enabling SP Energy Networks’ efficient operation of a flexible distribution system, reducing costs for consumers through avoided network reinforcement without any compromise on resilience.

SP Energy Networks

We expect to see significant demand growth at LV and HV as customers electrify heat and transport. We see a crucial role at these voltage levels for non-intermittent generation and battery storage, particularly where the storage duration is greater than 3 hours, to help us respond quickly to changing demand profiles as an alternative to network reinforcement.

UK Power Networks

Our Urban Reserve assets are critical in the transition to a renewable energy future

Put simply, until we can rely on renewable energy for 100% of our energy, Urban Reserve offers the most responsive and reliable means of keeping the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine.

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