We are looking for industrial or open storage land to rent to create more Urban Reserve flexible energy facilities in urban areas, close to our major cities.

Our Urban Reserve facilities are helping provide energy where and when it is needed most, supporting the intermittency of renewable energy as we transition to a low carbon economy. AMP Clean Energy will fully fund the development of the project at no risk to the landowner.

Do you have a suitable site?

We need commercial or industrial land for Long Leasehold or Freehold. A suitable site:

  • Is 2,500 ft2+
  • Must be at least 50 metres from the closest residential property or other sensitive developments
  • Ideally has level ground with existing hardstanding
  • Optimal sites include open storage and yard spaces, unused car parks, derelict and unused land around warehouses, storage facilities and factories

Cylinders at a Cement Factory

What will the landowner receive?

  • Competitive rents paid
  • Index-linked rent reviews every three years
  • A 20-30-year lease
  • A contribution to the landlord’s legal costs

Cylinders at a Cement Factory

What will an Urban Reserve plant look like?

The plant consists of one or two generator modules and a support module. Our Urban Reserve sites have an export capacity of 2-4MW. Each module is similar in size to a standard 40ft shipping container enclosed within a palisade fence.

The Process

Follow our step-by-step process on how we develop our Urban Reserve flexible energy facilities. A suitable site needs many things; an electrical connection, telecoms, a gas connection (peaking plant only) and a realistic chance of obtaining planning consent. Our experienced in-house Development Team can assess all of these using our suite of sophisticated in-house tools. If you are not sure, let us do the hard work by sending us the property address.

Get in touch

For more information please contact Ben Wallace, Head of Development on ben.wallace@ampplc.co.uk or 0800 157 7331.