About Us

AMP Clean Energy is a distributed energy company which supplies biomass wood fuel, develops low carbon heat and power assets, and invests in companies which support decarbonisation.

AMP Clean Energy’s mission is to help UK businesses unlock the potential of decentralised, low carbon energy which supports the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.


AMP Clean Energy’s strategy is to be specialist provider of distributed heat, power and renewable fuels to help UK businesses and organisations unlock the potential of decentralised, low carbon energy.

AMP Clean Energy has access to a funding vehicle which provides finance for its biomass heat services and low carbon development projects. To date, more than £50 million has been raised for AMP Clean Energy projects through this vehicle.

Board and Management

The business is led by a group of experienced executives with wide ranging business experience relevant to AMP Clean Energy’s core strategy.

There are long term lock-in arrangements and incentivisation structures to retain key management and staff through equity ownership and annual performance incentives.


AMP Clean Energy aims to grow assets under management, build up off-balance sheet carried interest, together with making long-term equity investments in companies aligned to our corporate strategy.

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AMP Clean Energy is aligned to the Government’s strategy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with 2020 targets.

The business is committed to ensuring the products and services it provides, as well as its own operations, are as sustainable as possible. We provide low carbon and renewable energy solutions, making use of local energy sources to generate and supply energy.