About AMP Clean Energy

AMP Clean Energy is a distributed energy company which funds and develops low carbon heat and power solutions including biomass heat installations, solar PV and flexible energy plants. AMP Clean Energy’s mission is to help UK businesses and organisations unlock the potential of decentralised, sustainable energy which supports the UK’s transition to a net zero economy.


AMP Clean Energy’s strategy is to be specialist provider of distributed heat, power and renewable fuels to help UK businesses and organisations unlock the potential of decentralised, low carbon energy.

AMP Clean Energy has access to a funding vehicle which provides finance for its biomass heat services and low carbon development projects. To date, more than £100 million has been raised for AMP Clean Energy projects through this vehicle.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG cuts across everything from sustainability, how you look after your employees to how you run your business. AMP Clean Energy has adopted its own environmental, social and governance criteria which it is embedding across the business.

At AMP Clean Energy, ESG defines the structure of a professional service and how we operate. It is both customer-facing and integral to our culture and ways of working, reflecting an investment in our people and a commitment to deliver the best possible customer service.

Board and Management

The business is led by a group of experienced executives with wide ranging business experience relevant to AMP Clean Energy’s core strategy.

Clean Energy Funding

When your business initiates a large-scale clean energy project, you also need robust and reliable financial support; the kind that’s flexible to your needs and sensitive of your timescales.

Biomass Energy

From the supply of biomass fuel, service and maintenance, fully funded installations and design, to biomass heat contracts and boiler buy backs, AMP Clean Energy can offer a complete biomass heating service.

Urban Reserve

Our market-leading urban flexible energy facilities help support the growth of renewables by providing on-demand energy when wind and solar are not able to produce enough electricity.

Richard Burrell

Chief Executive Officer

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Mark Tarry

Head of Asset Development

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