Heat Decarbonisation

Deliver your decarbonisation targets with AMP. Stop talking and get delivering

Decarbonising your business is now an essential commercial and brand imperative. You probably already have a decarbonisation target and a commitment to deliver on it by 2030 – or possibly even sooner. Struggling to get traction with tackling Scope 1 emissions? That’s where we come in.

We turn big, bold ideas into real projects

Net Zero: let’s make it happen

The time for talking and writing another strategy document has passed.

If you’re looking for help in developing a holistic carbon reduction strategy for a big launch in 2027, then AMP might not be the partner for you. We value strategy, but we’re not consultants. We make things happen. We drive real change.

If you’re ready to get on with projects that deliver real decarbonisation, we want to work with you. We’re looking to partner with people and businesses eager to make a difference, to deliver real impact and substantial carbon savings.

Reducing Scope 1 emissions from heat is a huge challenge for businesses. The optimal solution varies depending on your temperature requirements, location, site constraints, potential ‘waste’ streams, and attitudes towards different technologies.

Biomass, electrification, hydrogen, and bio-gas all play a role. We’re technology agnostic – our focus is on developing the best solution that delivers technically, achieves carbon savings, and provides affordable energy costs.

Our approach: affordable and practical decarbonisation solutions

As your partner, we’ll be relentless in finding the right solution for your business. We value honesty, hard work, and enjoying what we do, and we bring these values into our partnership with you.

We have the engineering expertise to understand your processes and energy profiles, figuring out which solutions will work best on your site to deliver your targets in the most cost-effective way. We’ve got big ideas about how innovative trading and optimising strategies can drive industrial decarbonisation – and we’re already turning these ideas into reality.

We’ve done this enough to know it takes time and immense effort to turn concepts into real-life projects. But we also know the effort is worth it, and it can be done, even on the most challenging sites.

Climate change and net zero are the defining challenges of our era – there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing our projects are making a material impact by delivering carbon savings.

Expect challenges as we navigate with your engineering, finance, procurement, and legal teams from concept to contract, then construction and commissioning. We promise honesty at every step, resilience in the face of difficulties.

Our projects

A network of assets, delivering results. No technical jargon, just powerful solutions across all decarbonisation technologies.

Each of our heat decarbonisation projects is unique and carefully designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s biomass energy centres, e-boilers, or gas peaking engines, our expertise covers a full range of decarbonisation technologies at scale.

Together, we can build a smarter energy future. Let’s embark on this journey towards sustainability and transform your business for the better.

Delivering decarbonisation with zero capex and zero risk

225 assets

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of operating biomass assets


of biomass assets in build (biomass +eboiler)


tonnes of carbon saved by our customers each year

Our electricity network is facing significant challenges. It struggles to store and transmit excess renewable energy, often reaching its limits, particularly at the B6 line. This bottleneck results in ‘energy constraint payments’ — an expensive cost UK consumers shoulder when wind farms are shut down due to power distribution limitations.

AMP and Simpsons Malt, two businesses committed to change, are putting their heads together for a ground-breaking project – one that’s set to turn the Scotch Whisky industry on its head.

Our project features a low carbon energy centre at the Tweed Valley Maltings site. Housing state of the art electric and biomass boilers, this energy centre has the potential to cut carbon emissions by 25,000 tonnes per year – that’s the heating needs of 11,000 homes, sorted. We’re bringing a new angle to energy storage, making the most of renewable biomass fuel to ensure a reliable power supply.

Our high-voltage electric boiler is engineered to meet the high heat demands of industry and manufacturing, and not only harnesses excess wind energy – it decarbonises heat from renewable sources.

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