Argyll Holidays

Argyll Holiday’s sustainability goals supported by low carbon heating system

Key Facts


three Froling 320kW biomass boilers at three sites


tonnes per year combined across three sites

Long term

carbon reduction

Expert biomass

boiler installation

  • Commercial Decarbonisation

Biomass heat has provided the perfect renewable energy solution for Argyll Holidays at three of its holiday parks.

The Scottish holiday company wanted to find a low carbon heating system that could operate across its three sites at Hunters Quay, Carrow Farm and Drimsynie Estate. Biomass boilers were a great solution for off-grid sites which now benefit from reliable, instant low carbon heat. This also only supports the business’ wider decarbonisation plans.

The Vision

Argyll Holidays wanted to decarbonise its operations by introducing low carbon heating systems at its Hunters Quay, Carrow Farm and Drimsynie Estate holiday villages. Reliability was key to ensure year-round dependable off-grid heat at the holiday parks.

The Solution

Three high specification biomass boilers were installed by AMP’s specialist engineers at the three holiday villages. The commercial boilers are fed by locally sourced wood fuel, making the heating solution even more sustainable.

AMP fully manages the complete low carbon heating needs of the three holiday villages. This includes fuel supply, service and maintenance and remote monitoring.

Argyll Holidays demonstrates how biomass heat can meet the sustainability and reliability requirements of the leisure sector. Biomass is a particularly good solution for larger sites which are off the gas-grid, providing reliable, instant, low carbon heat on demand.

Bruno Berardelli, Group Chief Operating Officer